Mediation allows people or organisations in dispute to explore and resolve their differences quickly and relatively cheaply as an alternative to expensive and protracted litigation. Mediation looks to find common ground and move on beyond the dispute as fast as possible and is more flexible than litigation as the parties can agree on any terms they like – as long as they actually agree!

A mediation is relatively informal and conducted in strict confidentiality usually within a matter of hours via a series of intense meetings. Lincoln House Chambers has a team of trained mediators, including a number of QCs, who can conduct a mediation at very short notice wherever is suitable. Our Lincoln House Chambers mediation team will act as the independent mediator in a dispute and facilitate the search for an acceptable compromise. The fee (generally shared between parties) is determined by the length of time required (generally at least half a day) and the seniority of the mediator, plus the amount of pre-mediation reading, (plus any travel or other expenses if a mediation is outside of chambers).

Mediation Advocates

Our mediation team will advise you whether your case might be suitable for mediation.

LHC mediation team members will also act as the mediation advocate for an individual party in a case where the party is going to a mediation and requires guidance and assistance in their individual case.

LHC mediation team will act on a direct access basis either as mediator or as mediation advocate, as well as through referrals from solicitors or other professionals.