Andrew Nuttall

Call To The Bar: 1978

“Andrew Nuttall has significant experience in multi-handed cases and has prosecuted and defended numerous murder trials as well as complex fraud investigations, disciplinary tribunals and inquests. He also represents private clients in matters concerning death by dangerous driving, drugs and sexual offences.” – Crime – Chambers and Partners 2024

“Andrew is extremely experienced and has an excellent manner in court and with clients.” – Crime – Chambers and Partners 2024

“Andrew is brilliant. He has really good attention to detail and is good with clients.” – Chambers & Partners, 2023

“Andrew is a great advocate in court.” – Chambers & Partners, 2023

“He is an extremely experienced barrister.” – Chambers & Partners, 2023

“He is very precise.” – Chambers & Partners, 2022

“An excellent advocate.” – Chambers & Partners, 2021

“Represents private clients in matters concerning death by dangerous driving, drugs and sexual offences.”

“A very good junior for complex and serious fraud cases. He has an excellent bedside manner with clients.”

“A proper barrister and a very safe pair of hands.” – Chambers & Partners, 2021.

“Represents organisations and individuals in inquests.” – Legal 500, 2018.

“Senior junior who has recently been involved as counsel to members of the South Yorkshire Police in the Hillsborough inquiry. He has significant experience in multi-handed cases, and has prosecuted and defended numerous murder trials as well as complex fraud investigations. 
“Extremely experienced across the board.” “A really safe pair of hands.” – Chambers & Partners, 2017.

“An excellent junior barrister for a whole range of serious crimes. He is always impressive.” – Chambers & Partners, 2016.

“Regularly sought after to handle inquests.” – Legal 500, 2015.

Chambers & Partners, and The Legal 500, have recommended Andrew Nuttall on a regular basis for the past 15 years.


The Legal 500 have described him as “a truly outstanding barrister”.

Andrew specialises in: Serious crime, fraud, regulatory crime, disciplinary tribunals and inquests. Over the past 10 years he has also become recognised as a leading practitioner in the defence of the most serious driving offences.

Andrew is an extremely popular barrister with a large solicitor following, who is regularly instructed in the most high-profile regulatory and criminal cases on circuit and beyond. The Solicitors who instruct him are generally considered to be the most specialist firms practising in the various areas.

In Inquest work areas, Andrew is often instructed to represent both organisations and individuals. He has represented interested parties in the Hillsborough Inquest, the Cumbrian Shootings Inquest (Derrick Bird) and several other lengthy high-profile matters.

Andrew’s Crown Court practice generally consists of representing private and insurance backed clients in a range of offences including: death by dangerous and careless driving, sexual offences, drug offences, serious violence, murder and fraud.

Andrew has been a Recorder of the Crown Court since 2002. He is a Category 4 Prosecutor, and lectures regularly on criminal law and Coroner’s Court topics.


For many years, Andrew has been involved in defending death by careless and death by dangerous driving cases, nationwide, and has regularly worked for solicitors whose clients are Insurance companies.

Andrew has represented a wide range of clients- including farmers who have been charged whilst using machinery, to bus drivers, taxi drivers, elderly people who have fallen asleep at the wheel, and young men who have been alleged to cause serious injury whilst driving dangerously.

The most recent examples of such work includes: The prevention of an immediate prison sentence to a man who drove on the wrong side of the road which killed one son, seriously injured his wife, his two other children, and a lorry driver; the prevention of  immediate imprisonment of a man who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and causing serious injury after he caused life-impending injuries; and obtaining a community order for a man who sought to cross a level crossing with his tractor, and was hit by a train.

He has represented nurses and teachers and is currently working on five other cases; one involving a high-profile death of a ballet dancer in London.

Andrew has successfully had cases dropped by reason of drafted submissions before any trial and has also stopped trials at the conclusion of the prosecution case on the basis of legal submissions.

Andrew likes to be involved with the case before any magistrate hearing and often attends the magistrates court even if it is for a sending as, in doing so, he can meet and advise the client immediately. Client care is of particular importance to him.

Andrew is well known for his efficiency and the speed in which he works. He always replies to emails and no one ever has to ask him to do anything twice.