Victoria Lewis

Call To The Bar: 2020

Victoria became a tenant in December 2020.

Throughout second six, Victoria has gained extensive experience prosecuting and
defending trials in the Magistrates Court. This work has included domestic violence
cases, dishonesty matters and driving offences, as well as regular legal applications
dealing with hearsay and bad character evidence. She now prosecutes interlocutory
hearings and sentences in the Crown Court as a Level 1 CPS Prosecutor.

Victoria defends regularly in the Crown Court and is able to mitigate powerfully on her
clients’ behalf. She has secured significant reductions in sentence for her clients,
including the imposition of a community order (in place of an immediate custodial
sentence) for supply of cannabis where the client had significant mental health
difficulties. She is known for being realistic and concise in her submissions, which helps
to achieve the best possible result for her clients.

In civil matters, Victoria has represented both claimants and defendants successfully at
trial and has also dealt with a number of legal applications and disclosure requests.
Victoria often assists her colleagues with research into niche points of law and produces
written work of a particularly high standard. She has specific expertise in areas involving
human rights issues and public law.

During university, Victoria worked with a wide range of organisations including the
Oxford Pro Bono Unit and Citizens Advice, as well as mentoring young people through
various access initiatives. Whilst completing her LLM (BPTC), she conducted her own
cases at the Free Representation Unit and was successful in a social security appeal in the
First-Tier Tribunal.

She volunteered regularly with the Personal Support Unit, which offers pastoral support
to those facing the court process on their own. As such, Victoria is particularly adept at
working with vulnerable clients and those with additional needs. She is able to build
rapport with her clients and make them feel at ease.

Through her work with Evolve, a charity assisting death penalty appellants in Uganda,
Victoria helped to draft submissions which led to a successful appeal against conviction
and sentence, meaning the appellant was released after spending over 8 years on death

Victoria is keen to establish a varied practice and is now accepting instructions in
immigration matters in addition to her civil and crime work.