The New Better Case Management and Digital Case Systems in the Criminal Courts

Aiming for robust case management, an efficient criminal justice system and arising from Sir Brian Leveson’s review of criminal proceedings and the changes made to the Criminal Procedure Rules, Better Case Management (BCM) and the new Digital Case System (DCS) has been piloted in Magistrates and Crown Courts around the country and is about to be introduced in many others. The BCM and DCS systems apply to all prosecutions therefore, all lawyers conducting criminal proceedings need to be aware of these developments in the criminal courts which have been accompanied by a significant investment in digital technology. Prosecutors will need to be familiar with all aspects of the new systems including the mandatory new style preliminary hearings and the digitised system of serving evidence.

This seminar will provide an overview and guidance on BCM and the DCS system. Delegates wishing to ensure that they understand and are able to comply with the new regime in criminal proceedings are most welcome to attend.