Prison Law

Lincoln House has a strong team of Juniors who offer experience and expertise in all prison law matters. We offer advice on all matters of prison law, procedure and sentencing and representation in cases listed before the Parole Board.

We have a strong team of barristers with experience in the area of prison law, a specialism which has become increasingly important in recent years following the implementation of the Human Rights Act. Members regularly appear before the Parole Board to represent prisoners who hope to be released at the end of their tariff period or prisoners who have been recalled to custody and wish to challenge the propriety of that decision. We also accept instructions to represent prisoners at disciplinary adjudications in respect of charges brought for breach of the Prison Rules.

Members of the team also give written advice across the broad spectrum of prison law issues, with some frequently encountered areas being security categorisation, sentence calculation, eligibility for compassionate release, home detention curfew or early removal as a foreign national, adjudication procedure and delay in the provision of an oral hearing.

Advices are normally returned within 14 days and can be funded privately or through the CDS funding regime. Members of the team also draft written representations on request for cases under consideration by the Parole Board, the Ministry of Justice and prison governors.

Please contact David Wright Senior Clerk with any queries regarding the members of the prison law team.