We offer mini-pupillages in order to give those thinking about becoming a Barrister a better understanding of what life at the Bar is like. It also gives you an opportunity to meet us and allows us to get to know you. 

There are two levels of mini-pupillage. Tier One mini-pupils will be those who have reached the third year of a law degree or are on the GDL or Bar course. Tier Two mini pupils are at an earlier stage of training and do not have to have begun formal legal studies but who demonstrate a real interest in the law and in becoming a Barrister. 

Tier One

Tier one mini-pupils spend three days in Chambers, they (COVID permitting) go to court, read papers, meet Barristers and Pupils and have the opportunity to explore with Members of Chambers what they can expect if they come to the Bar. Oral or written exercises will be undertaken. A mini-pupil supervisor will be assigned to you who will be your point of contact.

Tier Two

Tier two mini-pupillages last up to two days and though less intensive than Tier One are an ideal introduction to life at the Bar. Applications for Tier Two can be made in May 2022 and applications for Tier One are open now.

Our mini-pupils are not formally assessed but feedback will be provided.


We welcome and encourage applications from all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities and use RARE software as part of the selection process. 

Applications are made by way of a Mini Pupil Application Form. However, if you are unable to use the form you should email us within the application window explaining what assistance you require to make an application.

You must be over 18 at the time you apply.

Due to the large number of applicants, we regret that applications will not be acknowledged, only successful applicants will be notified and feedback will not be provided to unsuccessful candidates.

Applications received outside the application window will not be considered.

Please send all completed forms to our email address.


No one should be prevented from undertaking a mini-pupillage because they cannot afford to. Chambers will make a financial contribution to assist on a case-by-case basis. You are encouraged to discuss any hardship concerns with Chambers as part of the application process; a short covering letter will, in most cases, be sufficient to allow a decision to be made

All expenses must be agreed in advance and receipts must be provided. 

Time Table

Tier One Only – Early September (2021)

Application window: 23 August to 10 September (3 weeks)

Set period for review and marking: 13 September to 24 September (2 weeks)

Notification date: 27th September (3 weeks) 

Two-week window: 11 October to 22nd October (2 weeks)

Tier One Only – Early/Mid December (2021)

Application window: 11 October to 29 October (3 weeks)

Set period for review and marking: 1 November to 12 November (2 weeks)

Notification date: 15 November (3 weeks)

Period of mini-pupillage: 6 December to 17 December (2 weeks)

Late June/early July (2022)

Application window: 2 May to 20 May (3 weeks)

Set period for review and marking: 23 May to 3 June (2 weeks)

Notification date: 6 June (3 weeks)

Period of mini-pupillage: 27 June to 8 July (2 weeks)

PLEASE NOTE: Our mini-pupillages run for the allocated weeks and from a Tuesday to Thursday with some exceptional circumstances.

Selection Criteria

Our criteria for selecting mini-pupils is the same as for selecting pupils; we expect you to be able to demonstrate academic and non-academic achievement, motivation and initiative.

All application forms will be marked according to a set criteria, ensuring that successful candidates comply with pre-determined competencies.

Application forms will be marked based on:

Intellectual ability; which may be demonstrated by your academic record or through other achievements or employment and which show a high level of intellectual ability. We expect you to demonstrate an interest in the law and in the life of a Barrister. In addition, tier-one applicants will show us how they possess and build knowledge, work with others and work on their own.

RARE software will be used in the application process and additional points may be added to a candidate’s score to reflect their background and academic achievement.

If you require any further information see the Mini Pupillage Policy document if that does not answer your particular query please email; we aim to respond within 14 days.