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We rely upon organic growth to enhance our offering and grow our Chambers successfully. If you have any recruitment queries  please email

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We welcome applications for pupillage from enthusiastic individuals who are committed to a career at the Bar practising on the Northern Circuit. All pupillages are offered via the Pupillage Gateway (the online pupillages application scheme) and applications should be submitted in the Summer round.

We recently attended the National Pupillage Fair in London, why not take a look at what Daniel Thomas had to say about Pupillages and life at the Bar – YouTube

Our entry on the Pupillage Gateway website is currently unavailable. This is being addressed as a matter of urgency so please check back to this website for a further update soon


Mini-pupillages can be organised within Chambers for anyone over 18 years old and interested in a career at the Bar.  They normally last for 2 days and involve attending Court with our Barristers, meeting Solicitors and clients and attending conferences (with the Solicitor’s and client’s consent).