Philip Tsalikis

Call To The Bar: 2011


Philip has a loyal following of solicitors in crime, civil and immigration in Manchester and the North-West. He has a reputation for hard work, intellectual ability and providing pragmatic and effective advice. Clients, both lay and professional appreciate Philip’s empathy and professionalism and they are always impressed with his commitment in any circumstance. Philip is a versatile barrister who is as at ease in the Crown court as the County Court and Immigration Tribunal.


Philip appears in the Crown Court for all manners of criminal applications, trials and hearings including bail, breach of orders/ SSO, preliminary hearings, PCMH, POCA enforcement and sentences. Offences that he has been involved with include inter alia, serious drugs and violence, rape, death by careless driving and MTIC Fraud. Philip defends private crime matters in the magistrates’ court, especially in relation to driving offences and has built up a reputation for successfully defending trials on a frequent basis.

Civil and Commercial

Philip guarantees a one-week turnaround for all infant quantums. He has run several possession hearings on behalf of local authorities and private commercial landlords and has been involved in licensing matters in relation to premises use. Philip is regularly instructed in PI cases, RTAs and otherwise,  both drafting written work with an expedient turnaround, and acting in applications, conferences, infant approval hearings and trials including in more complex matters of fraud and insurance. Philip has undertaken many applications including default judgement, admissions, amending statements of case, infant approvals, Stage 3 Hearings and costs.

Philip has worked in the offshore industry in Mauritius both in a law firm and in-house, dealing in Company Law, Contract law and Taxation Treaties. He has acquired a good understanding of the rules and laws that govern business dealings and has developed a pragmatic, commercial acumen to assist clients.


Philip has the personal experience of having had to fight for a family member to come into the UK and is able to bring this to good use when dealing with visa appeals of all kinds including entrepreneur, EEA and family appeals. He has successfully dealt with bail applications, article 8 arguments and deportation cases. He advises both solicitors and clients frequently on evidential necessities, appealing inside and outside the rules and prospects of appeal to the UTT.


Philip uses his knowledge of his previous commercial career and both civil and criminal proceedings to impressive effect when dealing with and achieving result for his clients.