Acquittal in Substantial Drugs Conspiracy Case for Ged Doran & Forbes Solicitors

Ged Doran, instructed by Shane Parkin of Forbes Solicitors, were able to secure the only acquittal, for their client GW, following a 7 week trial which concluded earlier this year. The remaining 8 convicted defendants received a total of 50 years at the sentence hearing at Bolton Crown Court.

The case was an extremely complex matter alleging a conspiracy that spanned almost a decade. Given the lengthy duration of the conspiracy the prosecution were able to produce a vast amount of evidence which the defence team were required to analyse in great detail. At the starting point of the conspiracy GW would have been just 8 years old.

The law in relation to conspiracy was explored extensively in the case. Much legal argument was conducted surrounding the extent to which it could be shown that the defendants were in fact party to the same agreement. The law in this area is often overlooked and the significant experience of Ged & Shane were invaluable in securing the acquittal for their client.