Alistair Webster Q.C. welcomes the verdicts in the Mike Samwell murder trial.

Alistair has just completed the high profile prosecution of Ryan Gibbons and Andrew Davies for murder and manslaughter arising out of the death of former submariner, Mike Samwell, who was killed when Gibbons, during the course of a burglary where the Samwell’s Audi S3 motor car was targeted, ran over him twice, crushing him to death under his own car.  Alistair says: ” This was a satisfying outcome.  Gibbons and Davies fought it all the way, but the jury quickly returned guilty verdicts.  I did not see a trace of remorse or empathy from either defendant, which was particularly sad given the dignified way in which Mike’s family dealt with the whole legal process, despite their obvious distress.  The sentences passed by Mr. Justice Davies – life, with a minimum of 27 years to serve for Gibbons, and eight years for Davies, were entirely merited.  I hope that the end of the legal process allows Jess Samwell and the whole family to begin to come to terms, at least to some extent, with the events which have so shattered their lives.”