Anna Chestnutt Defends at The Nightingale at The Lowry

Trials at The Lowry: Advocates Must Project

Anna Chestnutt at the Nightingale Court Centre at the Lowry Theatre, to defend in a trial listed on 29th September 2020:Beyond the familiar greeting of security as you enter, this is a court experience like no other. On the short stroll to court, there is the impressive permanent exhibition which displays the works of L.S. Lowry. Upon entry to the court that sits in the Quays Theatre, the trial judge sits, centre stage,  beneath the large, back-lit Royal Coat of Arms. Advocates must project, as actors do, to be heard in this impressive space. Despite the grand setting, my hearing was not to be the edge of your seat affair I had imagined it would be as the Defendant pleaded guilty and now awaits sentence. The Nightingale Courts have provided renewed sense of hope. The show must go on.