Chris Daw QC Represents Property Magnate in Sexual Offences Act Notification Order Appeal

Simon Halabi, one of the developers of the Shard, was convicted of rape in France, in 1995, and received a suspended sentence and a fine.  The complainant in the case did not even attend the trial and was never cross-examined, which could not have taken place in an English court.

The conviction was disclosed to the UK authorities many years later, under data sharing protocols, and Metropolitan Police applied to place Mr Halabi on the Sex Offender’s Register in 2018, despite the passage of almost 25 years since the incident, in which time he had not been accused of any other sexual offence.

Mr Halabi was subjected to a sexual offence Notification Order in September 2018 and is currently appealing against the decision.

Yesterday, in his appeal, Chris Daw QC argued that the case raises serious questions about the operation of Sexual Offences Act Notification Orders, where British citizens have previously been convicted in foreign courts, many years ago, and do not have access to the basic legal safeguards that would otherwise be available for cases, similar in nature, tried in the UK.

Chris described the French conviction as “a gross miscarriage of justice”.

The appeal will now proceed to the High Court.

Read the full story via The Daily Mail.

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