Craig Hassall QC and Lee Hughes secure murder convictions for teenage drug dealers

Craig Hassall QC and Lee Hughes, instructed by the CPS, have successfully prosecuted two teenagers accused of murdering a cuckooed drug addict in Salford.

The trial started in November 2021 and finished in January 2022. The jury heard evidence that the young drug-dealing team earned around £7000 a week and carried knives in order to defend themselves. 

On 16th June 2021 Jacob Cookson was assaulted and robbed in a flat occupied by Leigh “Leeroy” Smith. Jacob Cookson, the head of the young gang,  thought that Leeroy set him up and so in a revenge attack 5 days later on 21st June, went to Leeroy’s flat with Logan Eaton, his enforcer, and stabbed him. 

The trial heard evidence relating to DNA, cell-siting, health app data and social media posts.

Jacob Cookson and Logan Eaton were convicted of the murder of Leeroy. 

On Friday 28th January they were sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court. His Honour Judge Alan Conrad QC said that neither had shown “the slightest remorse”. Both had demonstrated experience “in crime with business acumen and hardened criminal attitudes”. Cookson and Eaton were ordered to serve 19 years and 17 years during her Majesty’s Pleasure, respectively.

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