As Crown Court centres nationwide slowly swing back into action, the Crown Court at Burnley is one of the latest to join them.

Burnley recommenced Jury trials this week, for the first time since being locked down in March.

Richard Dawson was in attendance on Monday to defend in the first trial to be held there in 6 months.

New procedures required the Jury to be sworn in to serve in batches, to maintain social distancing.  The new layout in the Court room spread the 12 individuals who were to serve on the Jury throughout the room – both across the original Jury rows and throughout the well of the Court.  Counsel were relegated to the back row of what was the public gallery and members of the public, if attending in numbers more than one, to a linked Court room, to watch proceedings on screens, by way of video link up.

Social distancing was maintained, to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  However, in the event, this first Jury were not troubled to return verdicts, other than upon Judicial direction, as suitable compromise and resolution was achieved later in the day.

Thanks go to Peter King at AWH Solicitors for instructions in this first case back.