Defendant receives 21-years imprisonment having been convicted after a ten-week trial of a combination of historic and recent sex offences on teenage girls

Following a ten-week trial at Manchester Minshull Crown Court, Henry Blackshaw secured a 21-year sentence for former convicted drug dealer, Andrew Timblin, convicted of a combination of sex offences on two teenage girls.

The 60-year old was convicted of 13 offences against his victims, including rape, sexual assault, unlawful wounding and actual bodily harm.

Speaking after Timblin was found guilty of raping her, the youngest victim said in a statement: ‘It has been a horrific experience having to relive the depravity inflicted on me by Andrew Timblin. I’m just thankful he will be prevented from causing the same damage to anyone else’s life for whatever period he remains in prison.’

Henry Blackshaw commented ‘He is a sexually violent man, significantly older than both of them.’

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