Direct Access (Public Access)

Historically, it was necessary to see a solicitor before you could gain access to a barrister. But the rules have changed; you can now come directly to a barrister.

Direct Access (often referred to as Public Access) enables members of the public, or other professionals on behalf of their clients, to seek advice or representation from a specialist barrister directly, whatever the area of work.

Of course, this certainly does not mean that solicitors are redundant – there will be many cases in which it will be advisable and very much in your interests to retain the services of a solicitor.

If you come to us direct and yours is a case that would benefit from having a solicitor we will be able to recognise that fact. Furthermore, we will know from our years of experience of working closely with the best solicitors in the country, precisely who to recommend to you.

You have everything to gain by coming to us first for advice.

We will initially assess whether a solicitor is needed (or whether your case would benefit from having the services of a solicitor).  If so our first priority will be to help you, based on our experience, to identify and engage the most appropriate solicitor.

If your case can be dealt with without a solicitor, it is possible that there may be cost savings.

We will –

  1. Provide a suitable barrister for the case
  2. Agree an initial fee for determining –

The BSB offers very helpful information and guidance in relation to direct access. Please click here to be taken to the relevant section of the BSB website.