Driverless cars on Britain’s roads by the end of 2019?

Should driverless cars be on Britain’s roads by the end of the year?

Fully driverless cars are expected to take to Britain’s roads by the end of the year under Government plans for full trials with no human control, scrapping the requirement for a dedicated safety driver.

The Department for Transport has announced changes to allow the first advanced trials on any public road of self-driving vehicles without a steering wheel or human in control.

Research suggests that self-driving vehicles could slash emissions and improve traffic flow. Though critics claim that there is much more work to be done to make the vehicles safe enough to operate without a driver.

The Government is to publish a new Code of Practice for automated vehicle trials, imposing tough safety standards.  The new rules require a safety driver to be in constant operation – either inside the vehicle or via remote control.  The rules state that the driver should be “ready and able to override the vehicle”.

However, the Department for Transport are currently working on plans for “advanced” trials – trials of self-driving vehicles with no safety driver or remote operator.

Is this technology ready to be released onto Britain’s roads without an operator in control?  Is this technology going to put people’s lives at risk? Click to read the full version of this article, published via Richard Dawson on LinkedIn.

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