DVSA investigation Operation Challenger collapses

Operator Howard Snaith & Partners of Otterburn, Northumberland, has been found not guilty of conspiracy to falsify tachograph records. On 23rd March 2015 at Newcastle Crown Court, Howard Snaith and Partners and Alison Snaith along with a number of employees were found not guilty of these allegations, which were found to be without any foundation by the Court.

A search warrant was executed on the business on 18 March 2011 by DVSA Officers with the assistance of the police. The investigation on the company took four years to conclude, in which time the lives and the good business name of Snaith’s has been dragged through the mud

Both Alison Snaith and the partnership have always vehemently denied the offence of conspiracy to falsify tachograph records.

Snaith’s have been completely exonerated of the conspiracy allegations made against them.

The operator used the legal team of Tony Cross QC, Kathryn Johnson and Dan Thomas of Lincoln House Chambers, Scott Bell of Backhouse Jones Solicitors, Brian Hegarty of David Gray Solicitors and Gordon Humphreys of Foster Tachographs to help prove their innocence.

Tim Storrie (instructed by Rachel Adamson of Stephensons) Richard Simons (instructed by Kerry Morgan of MBC) and Jeremy Lasker (instructed by Craig Liversidge of Forbes) also acted for clients who were acquitted of conspiracy to falsify tachograph records.