Ged Doran & Caitlin Cardwell of Draycott Browne Solicitors Secure Acquittal in Historic Rape Case

The case involved a former girlfriend complainant who made her complaint almost twenty years after the alleged events.

The client’s life became a living nightmare in the years he awaited trial, so much so that he had contemplated ending his life.

As is routinely the situation with cases such as this, the unused material contained evidence/information helpful to the defence case. Detailed analysis by Ged & Caitlin paid dividends for the client, much of the helpful information was to be found behind vague and potentially misleading description on the schedule.

Continued disclosure requests up to the close of the case provided information that clearly demonstrated that the complainant had not told the truth.

Much to the client’s relief, the jury took only 30 minutes before acquitting him of all counts.

The client expressed his gratitude in writing to both Caitlin & Ged after the trial stating:

“I can’t thank you enough and never will be able to. I believe you heard my side from a fair and unbiased opinion.

You did the best ever in instructing Mr Doran to be my barrister, he really was amazing Caitlin.”