Ged Doran & Tuckers Solicitors Pursuade Prosecutors to Drop Substantive Count in Major ‘Ponzi Fraud’ Case

Ged Doran, and Leigh Wright of Tuckers solicitors, represented ‘MK’ an individual  alleged to have been involved in a fraudulent ‘Ponzi-scheme’ with a value of up to £1.1 million.

Much of the Prosecution’s case turned on the contractual relationship between ‘MK’ and those who invested in his company.

Through a very thorough and far reaching analysis of the evidence, the defence team were able present a volume of documentation which cast significant doubt over the evidence of a prosecution witness.

As a result Ged and Leigh were able to persuade the Crown not to proceed with the significant Fraud count on the indictment against their client.

Ged Doran is a specialist in defending allegations of very serious criminal offending in cases with a high volume of evidence. If you are interested in instructing him, please contact the Clerks in Chambers who will be happy to assist you.