Gerard Doran secures acquittal for an Uber Taxi Driver charged with serious sexual offences following a trial at Manchester Crown Court

Gerard Doran, Instructed by Urfan Mahmood of Shafi Solicitors, represented ‘MS’ who was accused of the rape of one of his passengers when she was in a ‘vulnerable state’ whilst in his vehicle.

After cross-examining the complainant, and a compelling closing speech, the jury returned with a not guilty verdict after less than an hours deliberation.

Instructing solicitor, Urfan Mahmood, made the following comments about Mr Doran’s professional performance:

‘I have represented client’s in a number of serious cases over the years in which Mr. Doran has represented co-defendants and have always observed from afar a barrister of tremendous skill, experience and judgment quietly go about his business. Finally, the opportunity arose to instruct Mr. Doran on a serious sexual case representing a family man of good character for whom the impact of conviction would have been life destroying. I was not disappointed. Mr. Doran’s approach was calming, effective and reassuring. His judgement and strategy was perfect. His authority in court was evident and perfectly underplayed. His client care skills excellent. The result was an acquittal in a case where the outcome was by no means certain.’