Gerard Doran secures acquittal for vulnerable victim of ‘cuckooing’ in drug supply case

Gerard Doran,  instructed by Karen Hall of Joe Egan Solicitors, represented “LH” at a jury trial in Bolton Crown Court. “LH” , an adult considered vulnerable by all agencies he had been involved with, was charged with supplying drugs from his home address.

Gerard argued the defendant was not the perpetrator of the crimes he had been alleged to have committed and was in fact the victim of ‘cuckooing’ (Cuckooing is when a drug dealer or a gang takes over a vulnerable adult’s address for criminal purposes, usually as a site to supply, store or produce drugs from in order to avoid police detection).

After detailed analysis of the information available, the defence team uncovered intelligence, which was held by the police, that confirmed the defendant’s account. The jury returned a not guilty verdict at the conclusion of the trial.