Health & Safety Seminar “An Individual’s Criminal Liability”

Health & Safety Solicitors are invited to attend a seminar on Thursday 19th September at BPP Professional Education, Oxford Street, Manchester from 5.30pm. To obtain full details and reserve a place please contact Elizabeth Reeves on 0161 832 5701 or

Since the introduction of the Guideline for sentencing in health and safety offences in February 2016, much of the press attention has focused on the steep rise in the level of fines imposed on corporate defendants.

However, during the same period, the number of individuals prosecuted for health and safety cases has continued to rise and there has been a sharp increase in the number of company directors prosecuted for manslaughter, the risk to directors, employees and health and safety advisors of finding themselves in court in relation to health and safety breaches has never been greater.

Members of Lincoln House’s health and safety team will be presenting a seminar on the various aspects of individual criminal liability for health and safety offences. The seminar will consider the law and practice relating to the prosecution of:

F Employees under section 7 HSWA
F ‘Others’ under sections 8 and 36 HSWA
F Directors under section 37 HSWA
F Individuals for gross negligence manslaughter.

The seminar will explore the legal framework for prosecution of individuals as well as tactical and practical considerations when representing individuals, from pre-charge advice through to potential sentence. The seminar will be invaluable for all health and safety lawyers and will be provided by three leading practitioners in this field, Andrew Thomas QC, Austin Welch & Lee Hughes.