Henriques: A compelling Account of a Life of Crime and Praise for Members of Lincoln House

In From Crime to Crime Sir Richard Henriques, now retired from the High Court bench, chronicles his involvement, at the Bar and on the Bench, in 17 notable criminal cases. For anyone interested in the landscape of the modern criminal law the account is a compelling read. It will be especially interesting to the legal community in Manchester where Sir Richard was renowned as a distinguished Leader of the Circuit. Readers have been quick to point out the conspicuous praise provided by Sir Richard for two esteemed members of Lincoln House, Peter Wright QC and Kate Blackwell QC. The three worked together on the prosecution of the murderer Harold Shipman as well as elsewhere. In the retelling of the Shipman case, he speaks of the confidence in his team, and of his judgement that Peter Wright QC was ‘at the very front rank of criminal advocates’. The observation has significance. Sir Richard has spoken of the value to the constitutional health of the country of a functioning, high-quality system of representation in the criminal justice system.

From Crime to Crime is published by Hodder and is available at £25; Ebook £16.99.

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