Jeremy Lasker secures acquittal for his client charged with manslaughter.

A jury at Preston Crown Court heard how a £5.00 bet between neighbours on the outcome of the England v Croatia football match  at  the 2018 World  Cup  Quarter Finals, led to an argument in which the deceased,  who had backed Croatia  to win demanded immediate payment of the wager.

The Crown had alleged that  when asked to pay up, the Defendant had forcefully and aggressively pushed the deceased in his chest causing him to fall  backwards  striking his head on the  concrete balcony.

The blow led to a brain haemorrhage from which the deceased  died in hospital 2 days later.

However the day following  cross examination of the main prosecution eye witness   to the incident,  the Crown  indicated  to the trial judge that they were no longer seeking a conviction and offered no further evidence.   The jury was directed by the trial Judge  to return a not guilty verdict.

Jeremy Lasker was instructed by Forbes & Co  Solicitors in Preston.