Lincoln House Chambers Criminal Update – Part 1

Lincoln House Chambers are pleased to provide the first instalment of a three part Criminal Update focussing on key criminal cases from the last 18 months.  This series of updates will look at some of the important criminal cases, legislative changes and other developments that will be of benefit to all practitioners with a special interest in crime.

In this, the first part, we look at the Definitive Guidelines “Sentencing Children and Young People” and recent decisions of the Court of Appeal dealing with young people. There is also a review of notable cases involving sexual offending, a summary of new legislation and additions to the library of sentencing guidelines.

Over the weeks we will provide summaries of cases about mental health, criminal practice and procedure, weapons and sentencing generally. We will look at cases dealing with how child witnesses should be dealt with and how Defendants who experience mental health problems should be treated. The proper test for theft is resolved and the Court of Appeal considers whether the ends justify the means in combating serious crime.

July 2020 Part Two: Mental Health, Criminal Procedure, including a review of recent decisions involving the use of intermediaries.

August 2020 Part Three: Sentencing, including a review of cases dealing with driving offences and POCA and, instructing an expert.

The updates have been produced by Richard English & Rachel Cooper, both are Criminal Law specialists with practices which regularly include the most serious criminal cases involving mental health issues, children & sexual offences.

We hope you find this, and what’s to follow, interesting and helpful.

Lincoln House Chambers Criminal Law Update – Part 1 of 3