Lisa Roberts QC Appointed as Leader of the Northern Circuit

Lincoln House Chambers are hugely proud of the appointment of Lisa Roberts QC as Leader of the Northern Circuit.

Lisa is only the second female Leader of the Northern Circuit, following on from the great Rose Heilbron QC more than 40 years ago. As we celebrate 100 years of women at the Bar, the election of our first female Leader of the 21st century is long overdue.

Most importantly of all, it is a great personal achievement for Lisa, marking her success as a leading QC and her great contribution to the Circuit and to Lincoln House Chambers. Many congratulations to Lisa and to her family.

Lisa Roberts QC said of the appointment:

“I am delighted and proud about my appointment as Leader of the Circuit. When I first attended Mess in 1993 and was seated as far from the ‘top table’ as was it was possible to be, I had little hope, let alone expectation, of ever assuming the role of Leader.

Much has changed on Circuit in the last 25 years or so. And much of it for the better. My time as Attorney General has strengthened my pride in the Circuit and galvanised my desire to help make Circuit feel relevant to and representative of us all.

I am indebted, as we should all be, to Michael for his unapparelled tenure as Leader. And I look forward to being the first of many women this century to lead this fabulous Circuit of ours.

See you all at Mess!”