Loss of liberty for driver who caused death by his dangerous driving

Richard Dawson, instructed by Imran Khan at K A Solicitors, represented MA, who had previously pleaded guilty at the very first opportunity to causing death by dangerous driving.

MA drove through a traffic light controlled junction, on the wrong side of the central traffic island, while overtaking slower moving vehicles.  In trying to correct his path so as to avoid oncoming cars, MA applied harsh corrective steering which, given his high speed, caused his car to become unstable. He lost control and collided with another car, whose driver sustained  injuries from which, tragically, she died.

MA was a young man of otherwise positive good character, with an unblemished driving history. He had expressed genuine remorse and, during the period of significant delay between the offence and sentence, had completed a great deal of charity work, inspired by the charitable endeavours of the deceased driver.

This was an out of character but seriously dangerous manoeuvre, characterised by greatly excessive speed, in the prevailing circumstances.



Richard Dawson is an expert trial lawyer, specialising in road traffic law, defending drivers charged with offences arising out of catastrophic or fatal accidents.

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