Marianne Alton – Winner of Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year

The members of Lincoln House Chambers would like to congratulate Marianne Alton, who was announced as the winner of Young Pro Bono Barrister of the Year at the Annual Young Bar Conference on Saturday 24th November. ​

Marianne was nominated for her work on death row cases and access to justice in Uganda. She has spent many weeks over recent years working on these projects and travelling to Uganda. Marianne is one of the founding trustees of Evolve. She helped organise a judicial sentencing conference in Uganda earlier this year, which was addressed by Mrs Justice Maura McGowan and attended by members of the Ugandan judiciary including the Chief justice, the Deputy Chief Justice and members of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Working alongside local advocates and other UK lawyers Marianne has directly contributed to work on well over 100 homicide cases, all but one of which has resulted in the imposition of a sentence other than death. She is currently assisting in an appeal to the Supreme Court on the one remaining case.

She has provided written submissions to the Supreme Court in Uganda as well as assisting with numerous cases before the High Court and Appellate Court.

Marianne is currently developing a permanent framework to support Ugandan lawyers in capital cases in the future.

“The award itself is fantastic, but more significantly it is the important work which Marianne has done which is a huge achievement. We are very proud”. Andrew Thomas QC, Head of Lincoln House Chambers.

“The award is a fitting tribute to someone whose volunteer legal work has saved lives and has done much to reboot the sentencing practice in the Ugandan courts”  Tim Storrie, Marianne’s former Pupil Supervisor.

To instruct Marianne, please contact a member of the clerking team.