Alistair Webster QC welcomes new Head of Lincoln House Chambers

On 19th March, Alistair Webster QC stood down after 5 years as Head of Chambers

Chambers is delighted to announce the election of Andrew Thomas QC and Kate Blackwell QC as Head and Deputy Head of Chambers respectively.

Alistair says:” After over 20 years involvement in the management of chambers, as Head or Deputy Head, I have decided to stand down as Head of Chambers. It has been a huge honour to lead Chambers as it has developed into the multi-disciplinary set it is today, full of talented advocates from top to bottom, with acknowledged excellence across the board.

It has been a period of huge change in the legal market – a period in which the government has consistently failed to understand the role of professionals and has sought to commoditise services without any real thought as to the consequences. It has been challenging to help steer the ship through such choppy waters, but the robust health in which Chambers finds itself shows that, with confidence and focus, quality will always shine through.

I look forward to more happy years at LHC and I have absolute confidence that I am handing over to a leadership team which will continue the ethos and spirit of chambers from which so much success has derived.

Lastly, I would like to thank the many members of chambers and our excellent staff for all the hard work which they have put in and the support which they have given and further thank all those who have been kind enough to write to me since I announced my intention of stepping down.