Private Clients

Clients who are funding their own case are entitled to complete assurance as to:-

Lincoln House Chambers always aims to provide the best possible service; we hold a quality mark from the Bar Council. But sadly, legal aid has become extremely restrictive, and future Government plans will only make matters worse.  These changes will affect not only the level of experience of Barristers available at the fixed price on offer, but also the ambit of work which can be carried out on the case as a whole.  And yet, a case that the state deems to be ‘minor’ may have very serious consequences for an individual.

With Lincoln House Private Client we have developed a scheme in which the basis of the agreement between the client and the barrister involves enhanced minimum service standards and enables the client to choose freely from the whole range of barristers, including those who are not generally available for legally aided work at every level. By using LHC Private Client service, you will retain complete control of your case.

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