Prosecution offer no evidence in £1.4 million Money Laundering Trial following representation by Ged Doran in lengthy legal argument

Ged Doran, instructed by Altaf Solicitors, represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to disguise criminal property to the value of £1.4 million.

Six members of a family who were said to be part of an OCG and responsible for laundering the proceeds of its crimes faced a three week trial at Bradford Crown Court.

Concerns were raised with regards to the prosecution evidence and, after a lengthy legal argument with relevant case law applied, Ged Doran was able to secure an acquittal for his client when the prosecution decided to offer no evidence following the judges ruling on the legal argument.

Ged Doran covers the full spectrum of criminal offences but he is particularly popular for the most serious criminal conspiracy offences which frequently include drug trafficking, firearms, fraud & money laundering and murder.

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