Richard Dawson secures not guilty verdict on two counts of ‘Causing Death by Careless Driving’

Liam Game was accused of ‘causing death by dangerous driving’ after he lost control of his motorcar and collided with two pedestrians. The deceased, a grandfather and his 9-year old grandson, were walking on a country lane before being struck by Mr Game’s vehicle.

Due to the fact that there were no eye witnesses to the collision, very little by way of marks or debris at the scene, and with Mr Game suffering from retrograde amnesia as a result of the collision, the cause of the incident was unclear. The Prosecution case was that Mr Game must have perceived the pedestrians to be a hazard and over-reacted to them, causing the loss of control.  Though the jury were not persuaded of that theory.  The verdicts indicate that the jury accepted that Mr Game reacted appropriately and proportionately to the hazard, whatever that may have been. Perhaps another hazard entirely, which the Police had failed to identify (another person, vehicle, animal at the scene), or, if the pedestrians were the perceived hazard, they did something unexpectedly; for example, by veering into the road.

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