Sarah Magill and Richard Dawson prevent defendants’ case going to trial

Sarah Magill and Richard Dawson were instructed by Carrie Gilgun of Forbes Solicitors.  The case was a multi-defendant private prosecution comprising allegations of the improper sale of puppies online.

It was brought by Animal Protection Services who initially instructed ‘PAWS’ (Parry and Welch Solicitors).  Lengthy initial investigative work undertaken by Carrie meant that Sarah Magill was able to put forward an Abuse of Process and an Application to Dismiss the case, arguing the Indictment was bad, the case was an affront to the criminal justice system and the defendants could not have a fair trial.  She also applied to dismiss the case on the basis that the prosecution could not ever have proven their case in the absence of information only a Local Authority would hold.

The prosecution changed hands after the fourth hearing and the newly instructed Solicitors did not oppose the application, meaning the case progressed no further.

Richard and Sarah specialise in complex regulatory proceedings and private prosecutions and can be contacted via the clerks; David Wright or Ty Price