Success before the Traffic Commissioner for Richard Dawson & Weightmans

Richard Dawson defending, retained the Operator’s Licence for a prominent recycling firm in circumstances where a number of shortcomings had been identified and revocation of the O Licence was a real possibility.

Historic administrative failures in updating records with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner led to the calling of a Public Inquiry.  Delays caused by the pandemic afforded time for regulatory investigation by DVSA, which identified various shortcomings in record keeping and maintenance provision.

The Traffic Commissioner was persuaded that there was positive intent to change and run a compliant operation, demonstrated by significant investment in the intervening months, which had led to significant improvements in all areas.  Subject to limited curtailment of one vehicle, the licence was allowed to continue, for the Operator to prove that these were not hollow words.

Thanks go to Lili Oliver and Kara O’Neill at Weightmans  for all their hard work in preparing this case for PI.

Richard Dawson is an expert trial lawyer, specialising in transport law, defending corporate bodies and individuals facing regulatory investigation and prosecution.

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