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Henry Blackshaw and Isobel Thomas Prosecute Nationally Reported Money Laundering Case

The case involved the prosecution of defendants for laundering the proceeds of drug trafficking by family members and other close associates. Evidence of others’ criminality was successfully introduced to establish the background. Additionally there was extensive analysis of the defendants’ financial circumstances over a period of years to show that…Read more

Health & Safety Seminar “An Individual’s Criminal Liability”

Health & Safety Solicitors are invited to attend a seminar on Thursday 19th September at BPP Professional Education, Oxford Street, Manchester from 5.30pm. To obtain full details and reserve a place please contact Elizabeth Reeves on 0161 832 5701 or Since the introduction of the Guideline for sentencing in health and safety offences in…Read more

Matthew Howarth and Gareth Martin of Markel Law provide Regulatory Update: Sentencing Very Large Commercial Organisations – The Trend

As the UK’s largest water and wastewater company with an annual turnover of around £20 billion, Thames Water Utilities Limited (Thames Water) is considered to be a very large commercial organization for the purposes of sentencing in accordance with the Definitive Guidelines for both environmental and health and safety…Read more

Teenager Who Stabbed His Best Friend Convicted of Manslaughter

A Wythenshawe man has been convicted of unlawfully killing his friend in the course of a row after a night of drink and drug abuse.. On Friday 2nd August 2019, a jury at Manchester Crown Court convicted, Denver Walton, 18, of 27 Covert Road, Wythenshawe, of manslaughter. He had…Read more