Jeremy Lasker

Call To The Bar: 1976


Hugely experienced in all aspects of criminal advocacy and with an enviable composure/ presence in court, Jeremy Lasker is a formidable expert in the art of jury advocacy and is respected both by his professional colleagues at the Bar and by Judges alike. In criminal cases he both prosecutes and defends and has for many years been assessed by the CPS as a Category 4 [highest level] prosecutor.

He is highly regarded both for his easy and approachable manner towards his professional clients and his ability to relate to and inspire confidence in the most difficult of lay clients.

In the field of criminal work, Jeremy receives instructions not only from the foremost criminal firms of solicitors based in the North West but has also accepted instructions from solicitors across the UK and he has appeared in substantial criminal trials as far afield as Carlisle Crown Court [defending a local politician charged with corruption] to Basildon Crown Court [defending a client charged with drugs importation]. His experience covers the heaviest of criminal cases and he has defended lay clients facing the full spectrum of criminal offences.

Jeremy is a member of the Criminal Bar Association and has been a Recorder of the Crown Court since 2004. Since 2010, he has been accredited by the Bar Council for direct access work.