Martin Hackett

Call To The Bar: 1995


Martin is currently working for the European Union Rule of Law Mission in the Special Prosecution Office for the Republic of Kosovo as an International Prosecutor and Head of the War Crimes Unit. He is also now in The Hague as a Senior Trial Counsel.

Seconded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in November 2013, he is practising as a Continental Civil Law Prosecutor with overall responsibility for more than 800 war crimes cases.

Martin is also currently investigating terrorism in the middle east for a UN tribunal.

His duties range from dialogue with the Serbian authorities for the development of joint investigations and disclosure in war crimes cases, to appearing as a Prosecution Advocate before international Judges in War Crimes trials. Martin has also advised the FCO, the Kosovo Government and the International Commission for Missing Persons regarding war crimes, corruption and organised crime.

Prior to taking up his secondment, Martin spent more than 18 years practicing Criminal Law and has considerable experience in handling sensitive sexual cases, complex fraud allegations, cases involving  serious violence and clients with severe mental health problems. He is an accredited rape and sexual offences Prosecutor.

Specialisms include:

European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX)

Head of the War Crimes Unit

As Head of the War Crimes Unit, Martin has overall responsibility for more than 800 war crimes cases managing a very active, high profile team of Prosecutors and Legal Officers as well as liaising with and directing the International Police War Crimes Investigation Unit. He is responsible for the strategic prioritisation of resources.