Rick Holland

Call To The Bar: 1994


Rick joined Lincoln House in 1994 having been a solicitor with the Crown Prosecution Service for nine years.

For the most part, his work is criminal, both prosecution and defence, on occasions as Leading Counsel, in relation to offences of murder, attempted murder, serious sexual assault, organised crime gang activity, evasion of duty, VAT fraud, serious violence, firearms, child neglect, commercial and mortgage fraud, money laundering, large scale drug importation (particularly involving the deployment of undercover officers and participating informants), large scale car ringing, conspiracy to defraud and related trading standard offences, election fraud.

He has extensive experience of inquests particularly death in custody cases and recently, unlawful killing/murder committed by British nationals abroad and he appears regularly before the MPTS on behalf of the GMC. Rick undertakes other regulatory work on behalf of the Information Commissioner’s Office and has spoken at seminars to investigative and legal members of the ICO in respect of law and practice applicable to the Data Protection Act 1998.

He has defended in many cases involving misconduct in public office and related data protection prosecutions on behalf of serving police officers and others. In terms of disciplinary work he represents members of the Police Federation and has conducted lectures to the Greater Manchester Police and members of outside forces in relation to:-

He has also lectured on behalf of White Paper to a wide range of law enforcement organisations in relation to issues of disclosure, public interest immunity, RIPA and the CPIA regime and spoken on the topic of phone intercepts.

He is recognised as having a particular expertise in confiscation matters and has lectured to other barristers, solicitors and the police on the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.