Rebecca Filletti

Call To The Bar: 2009

Rebecca Filletti is ranked in both The Legal 500 & Chambers & Partners as a leading junior in general crime: 

“Rebecca Filletti is a sought-after junior with notable expertise in criminal defence. Her caseload includes murders, firearms conspiracies and drugs offences. She is particularly adept at representing vulnerable clients.” – Chambers and Partners, 2024 Edition

“Rebecca is outstanding. Her knowledge, written work, advice, applications, client care and advocacy are awe-inspiring.” – Chambers and Partners, 2024 Edition

“Rebecca’s knowledge of the law and case law really lends itself to a very imaginative way of using cases in the best interests of her clients.” – Chambers and Partners, 2024 Edition

“Regardless of the seriousness of the allegations, Rebecca always gives 100% commitment to a case in order to achieve the best result. She is a fearless and engaging advocate in court, but also has a very empathetic nature with those she represents, and she prepares all her cases extremely thoroughly and very quickly identifies the issues in a case.” – The Legal 500, 2024 Edition. 

‘Rebecca is incredibly thorough and leaves no stone unturned. Her dedication to her clients is exceptional and she has the perfect balance of making them feel special whilst maintaining the required level of professionalism. Her written advice is meticulous and her advocacy tenacious. She is an asset to the criminal Bar.’ – The Legal 500, 2023 Edition 

‘She has endless energy and commitment to her cases.’ – Chambers and Partners, 2023 Edition 

‘Rebecca identifies the salient issues. Her drafting is meticulous and her advocacy is strong.’ – Chambers and Partners, 2023 Edition 

‘Rebecca devotes herself unreservedly to every case from start to finish. A joy to work with and always enthusiastic. If you are looking for a barrister who applies in-depth analysis, preparation and support backed up with detailed, meticulous advice you won’t be disappointed’ – The Legal 500, 2022 Edition 

‘a superb oral advocate, always personable and persuasive in negotiation and in court. She is a forceful and courageous advocate who will not relinquish a good argument without a fight.’ – The Legal 500, 2021 Edition 

Rebecca is a highly regarded and experienced criminal practitioner. She specialises in criminal defence and has acted as counsel to defendants accused of the most serious criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, rape, historic sexual allegations (including intra-familial and multi-complainant allegations), child cruelty, terrorism, drug offences, fraud and offences relating to serious violence and firearms. She regularly represents individuals said to be linked to organised criminal gangs.

Rebecca is skilled in representing young and vulnerable defendants. She has extensive experience of representing defendants with complex mental health needs and defences involving insanity, loss of control and diminished responsibility.

Rebecca regularly represents mentally vulnerable defendants in hearings to determine fitness to plead as well as subsequent trials of issue. She is experienced in advising on the instruction of relevant experts and in the use of intermediaries. She also has particular expertise representing defendants who are victims of modern slavery and exploitation. 

In addition to the above, Rebecca has experience of representing military personnel in Court Martial proceedings and she accepts instructions to review and advise on the safety of historic convictions. Rebecca’s practice also covers Prison Law and Inquest and Inquiries where she has been instructed on high profile cases. 


Rebecca is regularly invited to speak about legal ‘hot topics’ in the media. She has previously spoken on LBC radio about the sentences handed down to Hashem Abedi, the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber, and Adam Russell, an individual who walked through Gatwick Airport brandishing knives.  


Murder & Manslaughter 

C (2023) – Leading counsel representing defendant facing allegation of attempted murder involving a firearm. 

D (2023) – Sole counsel representing defendant facing allegation of attempted murder in domestic setting. 

P (2023) – Junior counsel led by Rossano Scarmadella KC of 23 Essex Street. Representing defendant facing an allegation of conspiracy to murder involving a firearm.  

KY (2023) – Junior counsel led by Nina Grahame KC of Garden Court North Chambers. Representing defendant facing an allegation of murderAfter instruction of expert psychologists and submissions on loss of control in the context of domestic violence, a plea to manslaughter on the basis of loss of control was accepted. Defendant sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years and 3 months.

T (2023) – Sole counsel representing a defendant facing an allegation of attempted murder in a domestic setting. Issues arising regarding psychiatric state at the time of the offending, alongside voluntary intoxication. Expert psychiatrists instructed. Legal arguments regarding admissibility of hearsay evidence and bad character evidence. 

OA (2021) – Led by Brenda Campbell QC. Junior counsel in 8-handed murder trial in the new ‘super court’ in Manchester. Allegations of gang violence between the two sides. Issues were joint enterprise and participation. Many forensic issues arising (DNA and blood spatter). Drill music and lyrics played a pivotal part in the trial.  

MN (2021) – Led by Nina Grahame QC. Instructed as junior counsel in 2-handed murder trial involving two extremely young defendants (aged 14). 

R v KG (2020) Junior counsel led by Nina Grahame QC of Garden Court North in a case involving the murder of young father with a knife. Guilty plea to manslaughter on basis of loss of control accepted. Involved an assessment of the defendant’s apprehension of violence in light of her psychological trauma and psychiatric problems. Complex expert evidence. Determinate sentence imposed. Intermediary granted for entire proceedings. 

Drug Offences 

AM (2022) – ‘EncroChat’ case. D faced numerous counts of conspiracy to supply large amounts of Class A drugs. 

CD (2022) – D (who is autistic and was a child during the indicted period) faced numerous allegations of possession with intent to supply large quantities of Class A drugs. He had pleaded guilty in the lower courts. Following concerns of counsel, the defendant was referred to the NRM procedure and he was found to be a victim of child exploitation. Successfully vacated pleas and served letter before action in respect of the CPS decision to continue with the prosecution of the defendant; soon thereafter no evidence offered in respect of all counts. 

R v TF (2020) Junior counsel in a case involving an allegation of murder in respect of a young male. Multi-handed County Lines case. Substantial amounts of CCTV evidence. Notice of application to dismiss resulted in matters being discontinued against the defendant. 

R v MA (2019) Complicated Proceeds of Crime Act (‘POCA’) proceedings (that were extended to a period in excess of 3 years in total) following a conviction for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs for which the defendant was sentenced to a period of 9 years custody. 

Other Conspiracy Offences 

R v EH (2021) Junior counsel led by Clare Ashcroft of Garden Court North in a case involving allegations of conspiracy to rob by multiple defendants. Significant disclosure and CCTV footage, raising issues to do with calibration. Crown ultimately accepted a plea to possession of Cannabis with intent to supply.  

R v PM (2021) Conspiracy to possess firearms and conspiracy to convert firearms. Cross examination of cell site and telephone (data sessions) experts, included cross examination in respect of ‘Encro phones’.  

R v BS (2019) Multi-handed conspiracy to steal and export high end sports cars. Significant cell site evidence. Defendant initially standing trial on 12 count indictment alleging conspiracy. Defence cell site report led to a plea to 1 count of simple theft being accepted by the Crown. Defendant sentenced to suspended sentence order. 

R v MS (2018) Represented high-profile individual who was facing allegations of conspiracy to defraud. Successful legal argument advanced objecting to the proposed live link venue in Russia, which led to a terminating ruling. 

Sexual Offences 

T (2023) – Teenage defendant, facing allegations of rape in the context of a ‘grooming gang’.  

J (2023) – Teenage defendant, with significant cognitive, psychological and psychiatric issues facing multiple counts of sexual abuse and rape in relation to a number of complainants, including family members. Intermediary granted for the entire trial. Cross-examined young complainants under the section 28 provisions. Intermediary granted for the entire trial. 

KS (2022) – D faced allegations of sexually assaulting three children. Cross-examined young complainants under the section 28 provisions. Acquitted of all counts.  

DS (2022) – D faced allegations of rapes. Issue was one of consent and reasonable belief in the same. Acquitted of all counts.  

BH (2022) – Court Martial – D faced allegation of rape. Issue was one of consent, including drunken consent and ability/ otherwise to consent. Involved numerous legal arguments including section 41 application and an application to stay as an abuse of process. Acquitted.  

AH (2021) – Represented one of the individuals facing count of death by dangerous driving for killing the former Mayoress of Bolton. (  

R v TT (2021) Young defendant accused of stabbing a 15 year old male facing count of section 18 wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Issue in the case identification. Application advanced to exclude cell site evidence. Crown ultimately offered no evidence and not guilty verdict returned.  

R v CP (2021) Defendant unfit to plead. Trial of issue. Legal applications pursued regarding the interplay between mens rea and actus reus in cases of conspiracy and to sever the trial from other co-defendants.  

R v RE (2021) Multiple allegations of rape and violence (domestic context). Successful applications to adduce complainant’s sexual history pursuant to section 41 YJCEA 1999 and bad character evidence (previous sexual complaints said to be false). Significant third-party disclosure: social services and medical records.  

R v UFS (2019) Defendant accused of sexual offences determined unfit to plead due to early onset dementia. Counsel identified the mental health issue. Crown ultimately offered no evidence and not guilty verdicts returned. 

Other Cases of Interest 

R v BG (2021) Multiple allegations including affray and threats to kill. Defence of insanity pursued. Multiple psychiatric experts instructed. Crown offered no evidence following service of psychiatric evidence.  

R v PP (2020) Allegation of coercive and controlling behaviour. Successful application to dismiss on the basis that the mental element of the offence was not made out on the Crown’s case.  

R v AH (2019) The ‘Ross Geller’ from ‘Friends’ lookalike case that garnered international media attention. Police officer identification excluded following successful legal argument.  

R v DB (2019) Young defendant serving a custodial sentence in HMP Hull identified as violent prisoner as part of the government’s ‘10 Prisons Project’. Charged with threats to kill based on words said in mandatory therapy sessions. Applications advanced to stay proceedings as an abuse of process due to entrapment and to exclude the evidence on the basis of fairness.  

DPP v Giles [2019] EWHC 2015 (Admin) Case stated from the Magistrates Court regarding the requirement for a Newton Hearing when a court is considering accepting a guilty plea in a matter that is being presented by the prosecution as being aggravated by sexual orientation discrimination under section 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003.  

Prison Law  

Rebecca’s criminal practice is enhanced by her insight into the prison system, including her experience of conducting parole board hearings and challenging the same.  

Wells v Parole Board [2019] EWHC 2710 (Admin) – Successful application for judicial review of a decision of the parole board panel not to direct the release of the claimant.  

R (on the application of Carr) v Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWHC 487 (Admin) – Represented Sharon Carr (UK’s youngest female murderer) in her renewed application for permission to seek judicial review in respect of her prison status.,without%20holding%20an%20oral%20hearing. 

Inquests, Inquiries & High Court  

Rebecca was instructed as disclosure review counsel on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and was allocated to the Rochdale part of the inquiry.  

Saunders v Romdhan (previously known as Ismale Abdi) [2021] EWHC 3274 (Admin) – Represented the brother of Salman Abedi (the Manchester Arena bomber) before the High Court in the Chairman of the Inquiry’s application for a warrant to be issued for his arrest. 


Rebecca volunteers with the legal charity Evolve FILA (of whom Marianne Alton of Lincoln House Chambers is a trustee). She assists on capital cases heard before the High Court and appellate courts of Uganda.  

Rebecca is on the committee of Women in Criminal Law, Manchester. 

Rebecca is a pupil supervisor to one of Lincoln House Chamber’s current pupils, Naomi Duckworth.